Plant pest control the organic way

Many garden pests such as aphids and blackfly are usually an encouraging sign of your garden's eco-system. A healthy population of insects will attract predators to your garden, such as birds, dragonflies, bats and frogs thus increasing your overall wildlife diversity.


To control populations of aphids, I can advise you on plants and structures to encourage ladybirds and other predator wildlife, which will naturally keep your plant pests under control.


Pests attack plants for several reasons which can be investigated and solved without the use of destructive chemicals. For instance, over-fertilising plants in spring or adding too much compost will promote overly-fast sappy growth which is a target for hungry garden pests. I will look at your existing plant pest problems and advise on long term solutions that work with nature, not against it.


I pride myself in working where I live, in and around Market Deeping and the surrounding villages and the majority of my work is on recommendation so you can trust me as a fully insured professional who respects your property and privacy. As a member of the local community I work hard to gain a good reputation and aim to please my clients 100% of the time.


I will aim to be with you on the confirmed days and times agreed, however due to the vagaries of the British weather sometimes this is not possible and I will attend your property as close to the agreed time as I can. If I am unable to attend I will ring ahead to discuss the next convenient day and time or we can discuss the possibility of flexible access to your property if this is preferred.


If you are looking for a professional gardener to maintain your garden, please contact me for a free garden visit and quotation.